Let me introduce myself. It takes some trip to history, I was a cat breeder long ago.As a young single woman I saved money and bought elder (not kitten) persian queen cat, Emuška Český ráj*CZ (Emushka Czech paradise), PER w 62, from breeder Mrs. Ryčányová. It was 1977 November 11th, when I takes her home. With her starts my way of life with cats. I joined catclub in Brno and at 1977 November 26th and 27th we exhibited at my the first catshow in Brno. Later I established cattery with name Z Moravského krasu*CZ (from Moravian karst) and I have 3 litters of kittens.

From the first litter stayed with us blue boy Amigo Z Moravského krasu*CZ, because I fall in love to him. With him and his mother we joined a lot of catshows, for example Olomouc, CZ, Prague, CZ, Nymburk, CZ, Gottwaldov (Zlín), CZ, Prievidza, SK, Bratislava, SK, and we obtain some nice judgements, especially with stud cat. In our cat club I works with Young breeders (young people, who want to breed and exhibit cats under their own name). After marriage my interrest in cats must leave a place my family, house we bought and kids. In 1987 we lost Emuška due several illness and in 1991 we lost Amigo, too. I exhibit our houseats without pedigree, in 1987 our red housecat Filip wins 1st place at MVUK Brno, CZ, he was nominated, but lost in BIS.I was so happy and proud of him! Later I concerned myself in family life, horses, stray dogs... Time flies and kids grows.

In 2014 I decided for cat-breeder comeback. I obtain maine coon girl Aila Moonwalk Cat*CZ as a christmas gift. And because I want to have a happy and confident cat, I bought a friend for Aila, norwegian forest cat Káča Z Klajdovky, CZ (read Kaatchah). In February 2016 our new stud cat, Bruthus Moon Starr Mija*SK join us.

I joined catclub in Brno, again. Second etape of my breeding carreer began, and it could be better than the first one. 

Why we have a name Damu-kara? In japanese it means From dam. We live above the dam.